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Triggering and DAQmxConnectTerms() example program for PXI 6713

Hi All,


I am using PXI 6713 card which has no analog inputs,8 analog voltage outputs and 1 DIO port and 3 counters(Ctr0,Ctr1 and freqout).


I am looking for a sample program in labwindows/CVI which explains me the usage of trigger APIs (DAQmxCfgAnlgWindowStartTrig(),DAQmxCfgAnlgEdgeStartTrig(),DAQmxCfgDigEdgeStartTrig(),DAQmxCfgDigPatternStartTrig(),DAQmxDisableStartTrig()) for PXI 6713 which dont have analog inputs.


I have gone through some example programs in "NI Example Finder" but when I am trying to run the same with PXI 6713, I am getting runtime errors since all those examples are making use of the Analog input channels which 6713 dont have.


Related to DAQmxConnectTerms() API also, i was not able to find any example programs. I have gone through some basic documentation about DAQmxConnectTerms() in NI site.but i could not able to understand how this API is helpful to me and how to do programming using that.


Can anyone please help me in writing an example program which illustrates the usage of trigger related APIs and DAQmxConnectTerms() API for PXI 6713


Waiting for help !!!




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