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Trigger not working after updating to DAQmx 9.5.0

After receiving a letter from NI about a capture issue with multiple S devices (which I have seen) I updated to DAQmx 9.5.0.


After the update and no other changes my trigger no longer works, I have 3 PXI-6133s, 2 have their own trigger and the third is trigger by one of the other 2.


The device that isn't used to trigger the third triggers as expected


But two that are setup as master- slave, the slave device triggers immediately and the master fails to trigger (times out)


the triggers are setup exactly as shown in the example, and have worked perfectly for the last year and a half, it's only after this update that I have issues.


A new requirement for the app is the driving force behind updating, I need the pre-trigger data that isn't getting sent with the older version of DAQmx 

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Hi DogOnWood,


Could you send a screenshot of how your code is setup? If you are manually routing signals to synchronize your devices, the S series multidevice task notification does not apply.

Steven K.
National Instruments
Software Engineer
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I found out there was a newer version of DAQmx and updated to it, fixed the trigger not working at all, but now I have erratic triggering (based on the data I'm receiving)


attached is how I'm setting up the triggers

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So 9.5.1 fixed the non working trigger issue I had with 9.5.0, seem that 9.5.1 VI's are slower though as now I can't setup and trigger at the correct time without changing my code which isn't an issue, it was just bit frustrating when it used to work before the "update".


I have to take an extra step to make sure everything is sync'd up before triggering.


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