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Trigger delay in NI-Scope 1.6

I am using NI-Scope 1.6 with PXI 5102. I can't seem to set the trigger delay
parameter of niScope_ConfigureTriggerSource() to any value other than 0.0.
My code looks something like this:

niScope_ConfigureVertical( vi, "1", m_VertRange, m_VertOffset,
NIVerticalCoupling, m_ProbeAttenuation, VI_TRUE );
niScope_ConfigureHorizontal( vi, m_RecordTime, RecordLength, 0.0 );
niScope_ConfigureTriggerSource( vi, "1",
0.0 );

The call to ConfigureTriggerSource will fail if the trigger delay parameter
is anything other than 0.0. (At least it fails with the handful of values I
have for a 10ms delay: 0.01, 10, 1, -0.01, -10 )

The failure reason given is: "BFFA0010 Invalid Value...Elaboration: Tri
Delay is invalid."

How do I use the trigger delay with NI-Scope 1.6 and a 5102?

Chris Lincoln
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Mr. Lincoln,
Thanks for using NI Developer Exchange! Unfortunately, the NI 5102 is not able to perform delayed triggering. Delayed triggering is supported by the NI 5112 for PXI, so this functionality appears in the NI-SCOPE instrument driver. The NI 5102 and NI 5911 also use this driver, but cannot support this feature in hardware. The NI-SCOPE driver call "ConfigureTriggerSource" is only meant to have a non-zero delay for the NI 5112 for PXI. One alternative (without changing hardware) is to start sampling immediately, then calculate how many points to delete in software to reach the desired starting point. Hopefully this answers your question.

Jace Curtis
NI Applications Engineering
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In the future, you may also want to consider posting questions related to our 5102, 5112, and 5911 products to the "High-Speed Digitizer" newsgroup available at

Erin Bray
National Instruments
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