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Trigger delay for Finite Pulse Train Generation with PI 6220

I need to know if this DAQ hardware supports trigger delay.  When I use the DAQmx Triggger Property node property of Start Delay I get Error -200452 , Measurements: Specified property is not supported by the device or is not applicable to the task.  DAQmx Strart is configured and works without the Start Delay, but when this property is added the error is generated.
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Although your error indicates otherwise, the Start Delay property is actually supported on the 6220. I followed the steps in the KB linked below to filter the property node for the 6220 and the Start Delay property was listed as a compatible property.

Why Do I Get Error 200452 When I Use Certain DAQmx Properties With My DAQ Board?

You should consider how your task/channel has been configured in terms of triggering, as the error may be caused by an incompatibility between the task/channel configuration and the Start Delay property node. Please see the link below for an example program with the correct configuration of the Start Delay property node.

NI-DAQmx: Using the DAQmx Trigger Start Delay Property Node

If you are still having trouble after trying these suggestions you may post a simplified version of your code that demonstrates the error. I can have a look at it to see if anything jumps out at me.

Chris Delvizis
National Instruments
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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply, but that method only works with analog io.  I actually found an example that does exactly what I need for my application.  In the Example Finder under Hardware Input Output\DAQmx\Generating Digital Pulses\Gen Dig Pulse Train-Finite Dig has a start delay as part of the DAQmx Create Channel (CO Pulse Generation-Frequency).vi - it is a control called Initial Delay.  When a value is entered in that control that will be the delay of starting the finite pulse train once a trigger is received. The control can be set to any value down to 1 microsecond (as far as I tested it).  Probably since this card has a 10MHz clock that delay could be set to less than 1 micro second, but for my application I need from 10 to 100 microsecond delay, so it works great.


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