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Traditional DAQ 7.5.0 (Legacy) Windows 7 - NI MAX 5.5 doesn't save device settings

I Have an old software written in Traditional DAQ. Working on older XP computer.


The new computer runs WIN7 32-bit with Traditional DAQ 7.5 (Legacy) installed.



NI MAX 5.5 doesn't save my settings under Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) tree:

I see my Traditional NI-DAQ device PCI-6052E

I can successfully add SCXI-1000 chassi and MAX find my only chassi module.

I successfully can right-click and select "TEST"  ocn the chassi level


File - Save all


When I close NI-MAX and then open it again there is NOTHING left in the tree.

The settings aren't saved... This is my main issue. Why aren't my settings saved??


When I add the chassi under DAQmx instead, all is saved OK when I close and reopen NI-MAX


Any solutions?


regards Andreas


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Traditional DAQ is not supported on Windows 7.  So if you are being forced into the Win7 realm, I highly recommend you get some budget for changing over to DAQmx.

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