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Third party DAQ cables

I recently ordered a PCIe-6738 and cables from DigiKey, the lead time was less than NI, price approximately the same, slightly more.

The cables are listed as manufacturer NI and with the NI part number.


The cables are black at the SCSI end (usually blue) and do not have the NI logo.  I've since discovered that several pins are not connected, preventing my application from functioning.  I'm now thinking I need to take the PCIe-6738 card back out the PC to check it's also genuine.


Interested to know if anyone has encountered similar issues.


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I have performed a pin-to-pin continuity test on a 183432E01 D-Type to D-Type cable, not all 68-ways are connected.

The 192061-01 cable shown in the picture has not yet been tested as we do not have a breakout board to fit the VHDCI end of the cable.

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Is it possible for NI to confirm the PCIe-6738 is genuine from the serial and calibration date?



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The calibration date record is the same as the database in Instrument Certificate Generator. I believe that it is a genuine one.



Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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