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Thermocouple installtion

Hi all,

     I have a J-type thermocouple(NI Ref No: 745690-J002 picture attached).  It has two wires (Iron and Constantan) twisted and welded at one end (picture attached).  I want to use it to measure the temperature raise in a sense resistor (Part No. TGHGCR0010FE, picture attached).  I have an idea of doing it using a lug (picture attached) to crimp it in the twisted end of the wire.  And then screwing it along with the mounting  screw of the sense resistor.  But my dounbt is that, does this kind of lug-crimping will transmit the heat without any disturbace (since, all area of the twisted-wire or welded-joint will not be in contact with the lug).


Also please suggest me if there any other way to mount the welded point of the thermocouple to the sense resistor.




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Absolute Temperature is +/- 1-2 K and unless you don't want to measure increases below 0.2K (guess) I would go with it.

If your resistor is at 200°C in room temperature I would start thinking of heat tranfer.

What temperatures do you expect ? What is the uncertaincy you wan't to achieve?



Other mountings :

just clamp it with the screw

directly weld both ends of the TC to the mounting plate




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