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The devices in your task cannot be synchronized

Hi, everyone. 

I was wondering if someone has already gone through this error (-209836).
Here is the thing:

I have a cDAQ 9189 and 7 C modules which I've been using normally.
Then I heard there was a energy break on the building, but everything was turned off by that time.
From this day on, my tasks could not be excecuted anymore.


I've been searching for a while, I've already updgraded the firmware on the chassis, I checked the DAQmx version compatibility, but no real progress achievied so far.
Here are some relevant system informations:

Windows: 10 Pro
LabVIEW: 19.0f2
DAQmx 20.1.0
cDAQ firmware version: 20.0.0f0

I can ping the device, I see on the NI MAX it is connected, I can self-test it. Same for all the 7 modules.
But when I try to run a task, I get the erros.

Does anyone know what is going on here or have an idea on what could I do?


Thank you in advance!



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