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TestPoint and DAQmx


Newbie poster and desperate for help so please be gentle. Not sure if anyone here is familiar with or still using the old CEC TestPoint program but here goes...

Long time TestPoint user with several apps developed years ago and successfully used until recently with old NI PCMCIA A/D card. Now trying to tweak apps to work with new NI USB A/D hardware and DAQmx, but have hit a wall.

HARDWARE - NI cDAQ-9171 USB chassis with NI 9203 acquisition module and 5 off 4-20mA pressure transducers.
SOFTWARE – NI DAQmx software and TestPoint V7 running on WIN7-32 OS.
DAQmx self test and test panels work so I know hardware and driver is working, and TestPoint 'sees' the hardware so I know it is communicating with DAQmx driver, but when I call an A/D function from the TestPoint app I get the following error...
Error 200431 (selected physical channel does not support the measurement type required by the virtual channel you are creating).
I have tried various config settings (using default DAQmx channel identifiers ai0, ai1, etc in the TestPoint object, remapping channel identifiers in DAQmx to default TestPoint 0, 1, etc) but error persists.
Any clues would be really appreciated. If anyone wants to do some troubleshooting I can send details of TestPoint config and simple A/D app - DAQmx can simulate specific NI hardware to test the application software app without hardware connected.
I'd be prepared to pay for a solution that works.
And I know NI's recommendation would be to dump TestPoint and buy LabView, but that is not an option for me for several reasons (including cost).
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The breakpoint is not for technical question. Please decide where your post belongs and ask a moderator to move it there.


(EDIT: OK, I guess it got moved ... :D)

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Hi, Did you ever get any feedback on testpoint etc? I am very interested, having used it myself to build some very very complex systems, using its ability to run software in boxes.

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