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Terminate unused inputs?


My group reads/writes analog voltages using an NI PCIe-6363 board an two BNC-2110 connector blocks.  We only use about half of the AI/AO channels.  I am wondering if we should terminate the inputs of unused channels.  I am not an electronics expert, but I am aware that when working with logic circuits (e.g., TTL logic), unused inputs should be terminated by either pulling down to ground or typing up to Vcc.  Is it recommended or helpful to terminate unused inputs in some way?  I find nothing about this in available documentation.  Thank you for thinking about this with me!

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Hi smkuebler,


In this DAQ X user series manual:

NI recommends connecting unused channel inputs AI+ and AI- to AIGND. This prevents the inputs from floating outside of the Vcm rating. 

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We never followed this recommendation and never had a problem.

Who among you connects the unused inputs to the ground?

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