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Temperature Measurement with SCXI 1000 Chasis + NI1102 Module

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Problem Description:  


1. I have successfully acquired temperature data with K-type thermocouples using NI SCXI 1000 Chassis device + NI 1102 Module on LabVIEW. I have no problem with data acquisition system.


2. I have to acquire temperature data with a temperature range from -200 degree Celsius to 3000 degree Celsius and I am looking for some temperature sensor that could be used with aforementioned data acquisition system and in which way since labVIEW has builtin functions for only those  sensors which have range from -200 degree Celsius to 2300 degree Celsius approximately.




1. Could anyone suggest some suitable solution to aforementioned problems?


Thanks and Regards.

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Hi @Mr_Engineer,


May I ask what your application is that involves this particular range?


Based on those temperature requirements, there are unfortunately no thermocouple types in that range that are also supported by NI DAQ devices such as the NI SCXI 1102. The supported sensors are discussed here: What Type Thermocouple Can I Use With My Data Acquisition Device?


As stated in that article, if you were to attempt to reach that range, "you will have to programmatically apply the conversions from voltage to temperature using the conversion tables supplied by the thermocouple vendors." If you were to do so, this may be a useful resource as well. However, you should also be conscious of the supported voltage input range that the SCXI devices you have can handle, as voltages out of the specified range could potentially damage your equipment. You can check for those values in the user manual here

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Hello Mr. Paigec, 1. I have an industrial application where it is required to acquire a process temperature upto 3000 degree Celsius. 2. It is explicitly obvious that a thermocouple sensor could not be used in that particular process, neither I could apply conversion tables for temperature conversion. 3. Is there any other sensor or a transducer or maybe any other way to resolve this problem.
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In response to your comment, "It is explicitly obvious that a thermocouple sensor could not be used in that particular process, neither I could apply conversion tables for temperature conversion:"


I am identifying a possible workaround to calculating temperatures outside the limits of the configurable and listed thermocouple types in NI MAX in order to explain what may be possible, though I understand that thermocouples do not meet your upper limits for temperature. Unfortunately, thermistors will have a limited temperature range, as will RTDs. More details on the subject are discussed here: RTD, Thermistor, Thermocouple Comparison Chart.


Otherwise, National Instruments does not sell sensors or transducers for temperature measurements, but manufacturers of sensors and transducers would be better able to speak to the feasibility of acquiring temperatures up to 3000 degrees Celsius. 

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1. Each thermocouple has a melting point just slightly above its predefined range, so I think doing calculations in this regards would go in vain.


2. Thanks for the info.

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In the application would it be possible to use a non-contact line of sight measurement?

If so, I would suggest that you research pyrometers the have a communications interface (serial, USB, RS-485, etc).



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1. Yes, It could be feasible to use non-contact line of sight measurement with pyrometers.


2. Could you suggest any appropriate pyrometers to be used for temperature measurement.


3. Could you suggest any DAQ System other than SCXI+1102 (or similar) to be used for this purpose.



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Accepted by topic author Mr_Engineer

A DAQ system made for pyrometers is described in the following case study.


Automatic Temperature Measurement with Precise Infrared Pyrometers

From <>


The right DAQ device would be dependent on the signal the Pyrometer was outputting.

Anthony M.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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