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TTL displacement sensor connection to PCI-1200

I am trying to insall a TTL displacement sensor to the equipment

PCI-1200 DAQ and connection interface BNC-2081

I have tried connecting it as a digital input application to the 22 PB0 of
my PCI-1200 but then I have yet to obtain a signal in my hardware
configuration manager.

I have also tried connecting it as a counter to the 45 CLKB1 of my
PCI-1200... and I get a signal but I am not sure where to go from there.

Which approach is correct? Which VIs can I use to count the TTL pulses?

colin sanctuary


Colin Sanctuary
CH-1015 Lausanne

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There are daq counter examples for LabVIEW that demonstrate how to count rising-edges of TTL pulses. You can access the examples through the help menu in LabVIEW. For the PCI-1200 you will want to view the data acquistion counter examples for 8253-based devices. Check out the Event Counting example.

Raecine Meza
National Instruments
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