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TC Problem

I am having problems reading a "K" Type thermocouple on my
DAQPad-MIO-16XE-50 board.

I have the TC hooked up as Differential to Analog Input #0
Yellow wire to AI-0
Red wire to AI-8

Under NIDAQ 6.60f I have the DAQ programmed to use the DAQPAB-TB-52
accessory. The TC is setup for 0 to 100C. DEV 1 Channel 0 Differential. The
CJC Source is built-in. Running TEST or a VI shows me mostly negative
readings ( ~ -100000 )with an occasional correct reading. I have tried
different TCs with same results. If I look at the raw channel data it seems
to vary between 0.2 and -0.2 volts constantly.

Are these bad thermocouples ( I made them myself ). They are the same type
that I scan with a PCI board PCI-MIO-16XE-50 on a different system. ( also
made )

Any ideas?

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