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Synchronization of TTL and Analog signal

Hello All,

I am trying to synchronize TTL signal of Piezo Stage and AI signal of Detector. Could anyone please suggests how I can write a code and run in NI DAQmx. 

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@Rehmanymu  已写:

Hello All,

I am trying to synchronize TTL signal of Piezo Stage and AI signal of Detector. Could anyone please suggests how I can write a code and run in NI DAQmx. 

Hi Rehmanymu,

I wonder if I understood your question accurately. Do you want to use a DI module and an AI module to detect two signals, and synchronize these two processes?

I wrote a VI based on my understanding, with comments. I hope it will help you. 

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Hi @YuWang822

Thank you for your answer. First of all,   I am unable to use the Labview code that you share here,  It shows the error, maybe due to the old version Labview. I am using LabVIEW 2016.

Yes That's right. The TTL signal from Pixel clock of Piezo stage and AI from the detector. These signals, I am trying to read through DI and AI module according and try to synchronize or trigger. My final goal is to get data and reconstruct the image.   

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Hi @Rehmanyhu,


The principle of synchronization is that you select one task as a master task ,the other as a slave task. The slave task uses the trigger and the sample clock of the master task, and waits before the master task begins. 


I saved my code in version 2016,  I wish it works or you can look at the screenshot or the page below.

This tutorial explains the synchronization of analog input in great detail, I think it will also apply to your problem.

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Hi @Rehmanymu,


Is your problem solved according to my support?

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Hello Yu,

Thank you, No It not working yet. I tried with this code, It cannot show anything and also no error at all. I also read the page you suggest to me. But still looking solution.  Are you from Taiwan?

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Hi Rehmanymu,

Since there is no error, I think maybe there is something wrong with settings.Does the AI/DI channel you choose in VI correspond to the pin you wired? You can check the product's spec for relevant information. What system and modules do you use?

I'm from China.

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Hello YU,

I think the wired connections are correct. I am using NI USB-6259 and the module AI (AI/ai0) and DI ( Port0/line1). IF possible can We discuss on Wechat, My Wechat id is khalil_pk.  

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Hello Rehmanymu,

Due to work reason, I can only support you in the forum. I will reply to you after a verification according to your case.

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Hello Rehmanymu,

I just tested the attached VI using NI USB-6259. In my test, I use NI MAX to build two tasks to generate a AO signal and a pulse for AI,DI.

Pic1&2 are the screenshots of the front panel and block diagram, the code works. Pic 3 shows how I connect the device:

1. AI task: pin 47&48 (AO2) to pin1&2 (AI/ai0) for differential configuration;

2. DI task: pin 89 (counter output ) to pin66 (port0/line1).

In this test, I found that you only need to set the ai/sampleclock as the source of the DI task, which you can find it in the user manual of M Series, at page 89.

If you want to test one task immediately, you can get help in LabVIEW.

Help>>Find examples>>Hardware Input and Output>>DAQmx, you can select your device and run these example VIs, this may help you find the problem of connection, etc.

I hope this can solve your problem.

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