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Sychronizing Two PCI-6713 boards

I got two PCI 6713 and RTSI cable between them.  I tried to synch the AO of them, but was not able to.  OS is Windows 98.  Does anyone know how to synch them?
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I was able to find this.  Some of the stuff is board specific, but still might prove to be useful.
DE For Life!
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Are you using DAQmx or traditional DAQ??



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On Window 98, I was not able to use DAQmx, and so using traditional DAQ.
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 Hi jayjay-

Which development environment are you using?  Can you please elaborate on how you weren't able to synch the boards?  Did you run an example program, and if so did you receive errors?  Or do you just need a bit of help with getting started?  Any time you can provide some information about your efforts and problems so far it makes it significantly easier for others to help you out.

Assuming you are using LabVIEW, I have attached an example VI that shows how to synch two boards for analog output using a RTSI cable and Traditional NI-DAQ.  If you need further suggestions please respond to this thread with more information about your setup.

Hopefully this helps-

Tom W
National Instruments
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Tom (if you're still out there),


The VI that you mention below ( sounds like it contains exactly what I am looking for.  However, I do not seem to be able to open this with LabVIEW 5.1.1 (I know that this is a very old version, but I'm just trying to modify some 'legacy' software).  Is there any chance of me getting a copy of this for LabVIEW 5.1.1?  How about a screen-shot of the VI? 





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Hey Todd-


I don't have an old enough version of LabVIEW installed to save it back for you, but here's the screenshot you requested.



Tom W
National Instruments
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