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Suggestion for building test stand/tester

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Can you please help me in identifying the optimised NI solution for below waveform measurement requirements –

  1. Test stand shall be able to analyse 8 waveform channels (i.e. product will output 8 independent waveforms, it will be input to test stand for measurement)
  2. Waveform can have following varying parameters –
    1. It will be bipolar square wave (+ and -)
    2. Frequency can change between 0 to 20KHz
    3. Amplitude can change between 0 to 150V DC
    4. Pulse width can change between 0 – 1mSec
  3. It shall be able to trigger for every channel independently. After trigger, the waveform for 1mSec shall be recorded.
  4. Test stand shall record timestamp for each trigger to the accuracy of 100nSec.
  5. It shall be possible to provide an external trigger input
  6. Test stand shall provide report at the end of acquisition cycle and report shall contain –
    1. Plot – pulse shape
    2. Plot – amplitude VS time , min and max readings
    3. Plot – frequency VS time , min and max readings
    4. Plot – Pulse width VS time , min and max readings
  7. It should be possible to add long term monitoring to record multiple acquisition session


I was thinking to build PXIe based solution using either Labview or CVI. NI cards in consideration after first brief review are PXIe-4300B, PXIe-8880, PXIe-1071.

Let me know your thoughts and all suggestions are welcome!

Also suggest if this message needs to be posted in different forum... Smiley Happy

Thanks million ..

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Accepted by topic author Prasad_slt
05-15-2019 11:56 PM

Hi Prasad,


I would recommend to get in contact with an NI Sales Engineer in your region.

They are very knowledgeable in our products and can help you to identify the best solution for you.


You can find the contact details of your local office at and setting your country at the very bottom right of the page.

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