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Simultaneous, Continuous Analog inputs, NI-6221

Can anyone help.

I am a student at the University of Kansas, and I am trying to write a VI for a professor, so that he can use it in his lower level physics labs. The problem that I am running into is that i need to acquire, two different analog voltage inputs, from two different channels, both signals being continous and needed at the same time. Basically, continously comparing two voltage sources. I am using labview 7.1, with the M seriers NI-6221 board. I have everything working for one input. But I am stuck on how to have two inputs at the same time. If anyone can help that would be great. Thanks

adam lohoefener
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It helps to post your vi.
Any way, If your vi works for one channel, then it should work for multiple channels.

You have to us the proper syntax for multiple channels
For single channel, you are using (assuming Daqmx, )physical channel syntax

Dev1/ai0 for channel 0

for multiple channels, use

Dev1/ai0:1 for channels 0, 1
Dev1/ai0:2 for channels 0,1,2

Dev1/ai0,Dev1/ai2 for channels 0 and 2

and make sure that the daqmx read has the option

Analog 1D wfm
NChan NSamp

is selected.

Then the wave form data will be an array, with undex 0 being for the first channel in the list, and index 1 for the second channel in the list and so on
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