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Simulated devices on Linux stuck in "Initializing"

I am attempting to simulate a NI PCIe-6320, NI cDAQ-9189, and some modules on Ubuntu 22.04. I can successfully add the simulated devices with `ni-hwcfg-utility` or by importing a nidaqmx config file, but after I do, the simulated devices don't work as expected. For example, I can't use the NI-DAQmx C API or Python API to communicate with the devices. I get an error message about the device not being found.


When I check `nilsdev`, I see:




$ nilsdev --verbose
mfio [DAQmx Simulated] [Initializing]
   BusType: PCIe
   DebugSession.Configured: 0
   DebugSession.ServerEnable: 1
   DebugSession.ServerIsOutOfProcess: 0
   DevIsSimulated: 1
   DevSerialNum: 0x0
   PCI.BusNum: 0x0
   PCI.DevNum: 0x0
   ProductNum: 0x7425C4C4
   ProductType: PCIe-6320
daq1 [DAQmx Simulated] [Initializing]
   BusType: TCP/IP
   DevIsSimulated: 1
   DevSerialNum: 0x0
   ProductType: cDAQ-9189
   TCPIP.DevIsReserved: 0
   TCPIP.EthernetMAC: 00:00:00:00:00:00





It seems like the simulated devices are stuck in this "Initializing" state. Occasionally the devices come out of this initializing state and I can then use them as expected, but every reboot means they may go back into this state, and it's pretty rare they come out of it. I haven't been able to determine what causes the devices to go into or leave this state.

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