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Silver Control for DAQmx Physical Channel not working

Hi everyone,


I have a very odd problem: When I build my VI to an EXE, the Silver control element on my front panel does not find any devices, but the standard element that automatically pops up, when you use the "create control" option on the Block Diagram does. I have to note that the machine that is supposed to run the VI does not have Labview installed, but the Labview Runtime (I use Labview 2013 for development and the Labview Runtime 2013 on the other machine). I installed NI DAQmx 15.1 on both machines.


When I run the VI directly in Labview and connect the DAQ-device to the machine that has labview installed, the silver control DOES work.


Thanks in advance!

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What type of control is it?  A com port maybe?

Mark Ramsdale
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In both cases a  "DAQmx Physical Channel"-Control. I took care that i really used the very same data type in both cases. Interestingly, the "DAQmx Terminal"-Control does work properly in any case (Data Type NI-Terminal).

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If you are running your code on different machines it might be that your device is not recognized. Then you cannot choose your input channels. Have a look at NI MAX if your Devices are recognized.

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Thank you for your answer! This cannot be the issue though because it works with the old control element

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To clarify:


- If you run your code in LV (primary machine) it works.

- If you run your EXE on a second machine it does not.


What about running your EXE on your primary machine where your full LV is installed. Does it work then?




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