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Signal generation and acquisition in DAQ using piezo

I'm presently working in the area of SHM of Bolted joints. The components used are NI Multifunction DAQ USB-6363, Piezo - PZT-5H.


Using LabVIEW, generated Gaussian pulse (10V, 100kHz) to actuate PZT1. The output signal from DAQ was measured with DSO (Amplitude-0.004, Frequency:20 Hz) to actuate PZT1.

I'm unable to get the signals from the sensors (PZT2) as a response after the wave passed through the bolted surface. I have attached the front panel and block diagram of Gauss signal PZT1 (generation) waveform and PZT2 sensing (acquired) waveform.


DAQmx is to be used instead of DAQ assistant?

Whether need any amplifier for the signal?


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Few things amiss here,

  • DO NOT use DAQ Assistant
  • There is no sort of synchronization between your signal generation and acquisition
    • Since this is a stimulus-response test using AO and AI you need tight synchronization

Look at this example,


In this example, two AI channels are synchronized, for your use case, change the Master channel to be all AO related functions and apply your gaussian stimulus.


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