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Shunt calibration fails with NI-9237, Error 201493

Greetings experts


I am getting the following error when attempting to run the strain gauge calibration in Measurement & Automation Explorer, on both virtual channels of a 9237, setup for strain gauge measurement of quarter bridge strain gauge.  



I have a NI-9237 and NI-9944 that I am using for strain gauge measurements.  I had it working fine on my laptop connected to the cDaq chassis (NI-9184).  I tested on my machine to ensure all the hardware and strain gauges were working properly.  They were. Then I gave everything to a colleague to run on his laptop (with latest software and hardware drivers installed) and now I can't get it working again, either on my laptop or my colleagues.  The wiring of the strain gauge to the 9944 is correct and didn't change from when it was working on my machine to when I handed it over to my colleague.  


Here are the settings for the strain gauge channels.
Channel settings.png


Strain Calibration settings:

Calibration window.png


After clicking "Next" in the above window:

Measure and Calibrate window.png


 Thank you


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I am having the same shunt calibration error appear when using a 350 ohm gage and the appropriate 9945 with a 9237 module. I can perform offset nulling all day, but shunt calibration fails every time. Did NI or another user reach out to you for the fix? I would very much like to know what's going wrong.

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No one reached out to me for a fix.  Luckily we had another 9237 laying around, and that one works fine.  The 9237 in question worked until I performed a shunt cal on it in the NI-Max software, and then that appeared to do it in.  We couldn't even get a reading out of any of the channels after my last shunt cal on it.  Strange since nothing hardware-wise changed and I had done shunt cals on it before.  I'm only assuming here, but I believe with each shunt cal performed, it can push it out closer to the "point of no return", to where it then needs to be factory re-calibrated(?).  I found an NI white paper on how to recalibrate it, but it appears to require high-end, expensive calibration instruments that we don't have in house.  We sent it out to a calibration house near by and they currently have it.  They said they can calibrate it. We only finally sent it out last week.  I can post an update here when we get it back.     

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