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Multifunction DAQ

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Scaling and plotting of virtually generated data

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I am fresher in DAQ related project. Please, help me to create this project. I have to perform 3 tasks and I am using DAQ assistant to create virtual NI9181 chassis and NI 9203. I have to use these 2 component. 


Here is my tasks: 

1) Scale generated signals between user defined ranges. (My output given by NI9181 is between 0-20mA. I want to scale it between userdefined max and min value.)


example: if output is 2mA and user defined max and min value is 0 and 10 then result should be 1.


2) I want to plot data of 8 channels into one graph

                   There are two requirements for this: 1) on X-axis graph should show timestamp on which date of data generated should be there

                                                                             2) Graph should show all 8 channel data in one graph and with previous data


SORRY if I am sounding bit lazy and stupid but I am trying to perform this task but I can't do it.



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Accepted by topic author Winkyy303

1) Create a DAQmx scale. A linear Scale ( y = Mx + B) would use M = 62.5 and B = -0.25 to scale Amps to MyUnit and you should specify the scaled unit since it will populate to the CHART Y axis.  For a Logarithmic scale the math is left to the student as an exercise. 


2) Don't use a Graph use a Chart.


Try for an A+



"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Thank you so much!!!


I have seen your so many solutions on forum and every solution works for me. Thanks

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