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Sampling in DAQ 6368

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Hi Henrick,

My task is to Source a sine wave to AD7292 and digitize it to test dynamic parameters. To match the coherency understand the terms i have started with source coherency by DAQ loop back. 

As per your previous suggestion I have all the parameters matched according to the formulas specified. 

Spectrum looks fine now, but still needs to be improved as i want a single tone measurement at the designed frequency 6103.515625 Hz. My frequency bin is 61.03515625Hz(2000000/32768). Which is exactly divisible. 

I have tried the start trigger with my code but did not workout.



Alekhya Pokuru

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I have solved the DAQ loop back problem my designed frequency should be i.e sampling info 1/Fs should be a multiple of 10ns, as it is the timing resolution of DAQ card. Now my spectrum is fine, I have got my frequency in a single bin. Thanks for your suggestions so far.




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