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Sample rate change - how is the sampling affected?

Hello everyone,


I have a pci-6229 board, and I am sampling an analog signal. My question is as follows, suppose that I sample at 10Hz (while the board can sample 250ks), how does this work?


Sampling at 10Hz means taking a sample every 100ms. Is the NI board really acquiring a signal this whole 100ms, or does it take a sample for for 1/250000ms, and than waits 99,9ms, and than take the next sample?


So the question is: how long does it take to get 1 sample, and (how) does setting the sample rate effect the time that the board actually take a sample?


Hope someone can clear this for me,



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I would look at this KnowledgeBase article.  There is also more information on the sample and convert clocks in the NI-DAQmx help.


Essentially, the sample clock initiates a scan of all of your channels.  The convert clock determines when a sample is digitized.  I hope this helps.




Todd V

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
NI Prototyping Community
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Hello Tod,


I already found an article about sampling basics, but they didn't mention the convertclock. 


thank you very much!

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