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Sample rate PCI-MIO-16E-4

I'm trying to get a higher scanrate than 1ks/s but the only way to do it
seems to be by raising the no. scans to read to above 2. If I don't increase
that the scan backlog goes trough the roof. By doing this it seems that the
amount of data to excel decreases with 2 or more times and I don't wan't
that to happend. The card should be able to handle up to 250 ks/s.

Please look at the appended jpeg files.

How does Interchannel Delay, Scans to aquire, scans to read and scanrate
influence my setup



[Attachment Installning.jpg, see below]

[Attachment prog1.jpg, see below]

[Attachment prog2.jpg, see below]

[See first answer for additional information]
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