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SPI with DAQ USB 6210

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Hello good day, I'm trying to implement SPI communication with my DAQ USB 6210 as a master are there any VI example already out there?


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I think there is no example. Moreover, the DAQ DIO is static, in the sense you could only write one digital state for the pins at a time using API. So, you would have to build the application such that it will write/read appropriate digital levels to the DIO in a timed sequence. One other catch is generating the CLK, you can proceed with static DIO if the CLK duty-cycle is not critical for the SPI slave performance.


Alternatively, you can try the USB-845x series of devices for easy SPI implementation.

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Thank you  for the reply.

I will be testing this today,

as soon as I am able to make this work i will mark this reply as an solution thank you.



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Hi, Unfortunately i am not able to go into the lab due to sickness and have to wait until this pass to continue testing.
M. Solo

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Accepted by topic author m.solo

I managed to sedn data to my microcontroller using this Solution.


for the moment i am using this to send byte and also reading it. 

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