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Indeed the clock 20 Mhz divided by 2 or 100kHz is chosen automaticly. Noticed that also. I'm sorry it took so long for my bell to ring.
I was playing around with it abit and noticed that everything seemed to work fine. I could only not measure 1Mhz samples because my hardware only went to 500kS/s which is to little. And i couldn't get lower then 625kHz so thats when i felt quite stupid that i didn't realise earlier that it's just not possible to go lower because of the max 16 count. Good luck with your SPI communication and your 6229 OEM. I'm gonna close this problem in our database now. Till next time!
Kind Regards,

Joris Donders
National Instruments
EMEIA GTM Lead for Semiconductor
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Hi, Joris:
I try to use CVI programming DAQ USB-6211 for SPI. I can generate Puls as CLK with ctr0 OUT (16 pulses). How to configurate DATA Read and DATA Write? I have problems with cfg timing. I am not sure if it is because this DAQ card doesn't support, or if my code has problem?
Can you please send me your CVI code for SPI? I would like to have a try.
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Hello folks,


I am writing because I am wrestling with the exact same problem - that is writing an SPI program for a PCI 6229 DAQ card.


I was going to write a very long and detailed message about what I was specifically getting caught on, but I think I may have just gotten it to work. In either case, I was wondering if anyone who had successfully written an SPI program for a DAQ card would be kind enough to post it here. I noticed in the forums that a number of people on different threads have attempted this. Even looking at the code in a different language would be useful to get an idea of the structure. Hopefully I'll confirm that things are working over the next few days, but either way it would be nice to take a look at a working piece of code. 




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