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SH6868 2-meter cable for sale

In cleaning out some of the office space at our company, we found an unused
SH6868 2-meter cable. The cable still has the twist ties around it. This
cable was from a beta test we did for National Instruments in 1994-95 for an
SBUS data acquisition card. This was the first cable that they sent and it
didn't work for the SBUS DAQ card.

It is not the type of item that one sells on eBay so I'm posting it here.
The product listing for this item in the NI catalog is

It sells for $150 new from NI. If you are interested, please email me (drop
the nospam- in my email address). We don't have a need for the cable but I
hate to throw it away as it is in like-new shape and some
one could use it.

Peter Neumann
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I am clearing this item out of the developer exchange unanswered section because I am sure you have already found some one to take the SH-6868 cable.
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