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SCXI Multiple Modules with traditional DAQ

Hello All,


I need to control an SCXI chassis with a very old card and so am limited to using traditional DAQ.  I have done a lot of programming with DAQmx, but this is a little foreign to me.  I have two SCXI 1121s that I would like to take strain measurements from and I am trying to figure out how to select all four channels on each module to scan between.  Do I need to call the 'AI Config' multiple times?  Is the first 1121 going to be device 1 and the second 1121 device 2?  Thanks for any help or guidance you can offer with this. 

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Hello Sailor_12,

I found an article that I think might solve your problem of working with Traditional Daq devices and software, although I want to warn you it does not directly pertain to the hardware you are working with, I think you will get the gist of how to perform the setup. Please take a look at How to Create and Calibrate NI-DAQ Strain-Gauge Virtual Channel and let me know if you have further questions.



Nicholas Kannen

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