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SCXI-1600: Windows can't find driver

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I am using SCXI-1600 to obtain temperature data from thermocouples into my PC. The following shows my system configuration:



Upon connecting the SCXI-1600 to the PC, I see a yellow notification symbol and a message saying that 'Windows could not find a driver associated with this device'. I have updated the DAQmx driver to version 17.0 but the problem persists. Now I get a blank grey screen instead of the 'Windows could not find the driver..' message, as below:



Could you please help me figure out what the problem is, and how do I go about resolving it?



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Is this Windows 7 64-bit? (That system information screenshot doesn't make it clear, but I assume yes, since you have greater than 4GB of memory.) The SCXI-1600 is not supported on 64-bit operating systems.


Frequently Asked Questions for the NI SCXI-1600 USB Data Acquisition and Control Module

10. Why doesn't my SCXI-1600 show up in Vista 64-bit or Windows 7 64-bit?
The SCXI-1600 is not supported in Windows 64-bit. For USB support of SCXI on a Windows 64-bit operating system, use a USB mass termination DAQ device with 3 ports of DIO. Potential devices include the USB-6259 Mass Term, USB-6251 Mass Term, USB-6361 Mass Term and USB-6363 Mass Term.

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