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I want to measure a signal generated in the SCXI-1181 custom bread board module.
Is it possible to send the signal using SCXI bus to SCXI-1600.
The signal is less than +5V & is positive.
Is it possible to use AB0+ & ABO- in SCXI bus for this purpose?

I have a SCXI-1001 chassis installed with SCXI-1600 in slot 1 & SCXI-1181 in slot 2.
I have 4 more switch modules (SCXI-1160s) installed from slot 3 to 6.
Will the above has an interference when you want to control the switches?



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I'm not sure if I fully understand your question, but hopefully I can at least clarify some of the queries.

The SCXI-1600 carries out the data acquisition side of things with your SCXI kit and it is used instead of having to connect to SCXI via a PCI DAQ card. In software (MAX) you should be able to see all of the modules within your SCXI system, all of which are fully addressable directly. You don't need to firstly transfer data from the modules to the 1600 and then transfer this to your PC, this i all done seamlessly.

Have you configured the system in MAX yet and are all modules present? If so, try using the test panels by right clicking on the module and see if you can acquire the data. I would then have a go at creating a Task inside MAX, which can then be called from LabVIEW or similar.

Let me know some more about your question and I'll happily help you further.
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Dear S R,
 I have configured the SCXI-1001 & in the MAX I can see all the modules.
In the left most slot(slot 1) the SCXI-1600 is installed. SCXI-1181 is installed in slot 2.

My question is,
Do I have to use a signal conditioning module (such as SCXI-1125 or SCXI-1140) to connect the signal
first & then measure a signal generated in  a circuit, which is built in SCXI-1181?

Is there any method to directly route the signal in the SCXI-1181 to SCXI-1600?
(such as using the SCXI back panel bus, I am thinking this because SCXI-1125
have to use the SCXI back panel to send signal to SCXI-1600)

I dont know whether you can understand my question or not.
    But the question is in short, Is there no way to digitize a signal with SCXI-1600 without buying
    any additional SCXI modules?. If possible how to do it?
    Signal to measure is a DC coupled AC signal & Vmax is abt 4.5V & Vmin is abt 0.5V.

Thank you for your time


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Hi there,

I understand your question and to be honest I'm not sure if it is possible to use the 1181 with the SCXI-1600 and all documentation that I have looked at doesn't mention the 1600, but this is probably due to the fact the SCXI-1600 is a relatively new product. Let me get confirmation to see if an 1181 is useable with the 1600 or if you need to use an 'external' DAQ device. If it is possible, I'll also let you know how to address it.

Thanks for your patience!

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You are unable to use the SCXI-1600 with an SCXI-1180 and/or SCXI-1181 as there are no internal channels available on the SCXI-1600. Please see the following page:

If you want to use the 1181, i would recommend using an alternative DAQ device such as an M Series device. It might be worth contacting your local Sales Rep in order to discuss your situation further.

Hope this helps!

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Ok, hmmm. well from the sales engineer, he told me that I have to use an SCXI-1125 & SCXI -1600 in pair to acquire a signal.
I felt that 1600 acquires the signalfrom the SCXI backplane bus.

Can you explain how SCXI-1125 & SCXI-1600 communicates each other?.
Or through what lines of SCXI bus, SCXI-1125 sends the signals to SCXI-1600?


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You can certainly use the 1600 to acquire data from a 1125 without problems, the only issue is with using the 1600 with an 1180 or 1181.

The backplane is used to transfer data between any module and the 1600, which in turn passes data over the USB link. From a software perspective, you just directly address the module itself. For example, if you go inside Measurement & Automation Explorer and use the Test Panels, you may address a module channel by something similar to the following notation: SC1Mod1/ai0

Hope this helps

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Thank you very much for spending your time.
Though I am not fully satisfied with the answer,
seems I have to understand more about communication between
SCXI modules.
Hope to get help in the near future.

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