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SCXI 1100 only scans CH0

I have a SCXI chassis with a 1200 in slot 1 ( next to power supply ) a 1100
in slot 2 and an 1162 in slot 3.
Labview 5.1 and NIDaq 6.6.0 work with the 1200 and 1162 just fine. However
If I connect +2volts to channel 0 on the 1100 and zero volts on channel 1
on the 1100 both NiDaq ( test ) and Labview shows +2 volts for all 32

I have tried putting the modules in different orders and checked the jumpers
( all default except analog guard ) In NiDaq config I have the channels

Does anyone have a clue what I can do to scan all 32 analog inputs? Is the
1100 board dead?

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