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SCB-68 with multiple programs

We have 1 SCB-68 DAQ and we want to run two LabVIEW programs that use the same SCB-68 simultaneously

Each program has to send & receive signals via the SCB-68.


If we design the programs to use different channels on the SCB-68, will there be any other conflicts?



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The SCB-68 is a dumb terminal block and not a DAQ card so you can't do acquire anything with just that.


If you have an actual DAQ card and you want to use different channels of the same resource such as analog in or analog out, then you cannot have multiple programs access the card. You can't have a single program create separate tasks. The reason is that there is a single clock and the driver will not allow separate tasks. You could have a single program that scans all of the necessary channels.

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The NI SCB-68 is a shielded I/O connector block for interfacing I/O signals to plug-in data acquisition (DAQ) devices with 68-pin connectors.


What DAQ device do you actually have and will you want to run these 2 programs at the same time?


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Using LabVIEW 2010SP1 and TestStand 4.5
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