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SC 2345 Not Communicating with PCIe 6320

Hello All,

I have had four systems working well for over 15 years.  The systems were originally designed with the PCI 6221 DSP, the SC 2345 front end with 6 ACC01 modules and 1 AI01 modules.  With the advent of Windows 10, the PCI slots are gone and the new slots, PCIe called for an upgrade to the PCIe 6320.  I chose the 6320 over the 6321 because my systems do not require any voltage outputs.  

The system in question is the first to upgrade to Windows 10.  It also has a power supply for the SC 2345.  My problem is the PCIe 6320 card is working fine after finding it in NI MAX.  However, the SC 2345 block, after creating it, shows up in the Devices and Interfaces tree with a '0:' in front of it's name and it doesn't communicate.  When I try to test it, I get a communication error.  I'm sure the '0:' in front of the device name is trying to tell me something, but I don't know what that is.  Could it be I have the wrong selection for the PWR?  As I stated, this SC 2345 block has it's own power supply.  Any help is much appreciated.



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