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Running NI 9215 with raspberry pi 3


Hi all

I am trying to make a system for measuring strain using NI 9215. i want to use a raspberry pi 3 to run the DAQ and display the results of measured strain using a 16x2 lcd display. i want to run the system using Pi to completely eliminate the need for a computer so that system runs just using the pi and the lcd. how can i achieve this?


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For a computer, even a Raspberry Pi, to talk to hardware you will need drivers. There are limited drivers from NI for Pi that can be found here:


You could try installing one of the flavors of Linux that NI supports, however, from a brief investigation, there is no USB support with Linux. You can find the device drivers and readme files here:


also, to use a NI-9215 module you would need a cDAQ chassis, there are USB cDAQ chassis but as I said before, there is no USB support for Linux and there are only 2 USB devices that work with Pi, that you will find on the first link. 

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Thanks Scastro. I do have a cDAQ chasis. What i wanted to do was to create a standalone system which i cant do without cRIO. So i was wondering if there was anyway to do that with raspberry pi. Now i have to find some other way to do it.


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