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Retention mechanism for mating connectors inserted into IDC Headers of sbRIO 9636?

OEM OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS for the NI sbRIO-9605/9606 and NI sbRIO-9623/9626/9633/9636:
Table 2. NI sbRIO Connector Descriptions

Connector:  50 Pin IDC Header
Description:  50-pin, 2 mm CT, Shrouded, H = 0.155 in.
Manufacturer,  Part Number:  Samtec, STMM-125-02-L-D
Recommended Mating Connector:  Tyco, 2-111623-6

Connector:  RS-232/485/CAN IDC Header
Description:  10-pin, 0.100 in. CT, shrouded, H = 0.370 in.
Manufacturer,  Part Number:  Samtec, TST-105-01-L-D
Recommended Mating Connector:  Tyco, 1658622-1


I see no Friction bumps, Locking ramps, Latches or Clips on these connectors.  Other than contact friction, what retention mechanism is there to ensure that the mating connectors remain inserted into these IDC Headers?

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Hi Sr.


The mating connectors are tight fitting, so, even though they are secured by pure friction (and a little bit of pressure), the connectors will stay in their place under normal circumstances. I am familiar with the connectors for this device, and to be honest, it is harder to take them out of place than making them stay.





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