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Restart computer after rack power down?

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I have an 8360/8361 MXI interface from PC to our 1082 rack running several DAQ cards.   We have always had to restart the computer if the rack is turned off.   Is this still the only way to reconnect?  Looks like this has been an issue for years.  Seems like a solution should have been made by now.  


Our cooling fans are going bad and we would like to turn the rack off every night but do not want to have to reboot the computers every morning.

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The issue is that PXI(e) is based on PCI(e).  PCI(e) devices are detected at boot up.  There is no way to redetect them if the device is powered off and turned back on.

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I have accepted that it has to be rebooted.  I added a message to the operator for when it fails to communicate they have to reboot the computer.  Only solution I can see.  It would hang the computer real bad if you let it try to do a AI read without coms.

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