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Reduce FIFO size in USB DAQ

Dear Ryan,


We are now using (200/12)kHz per channel, therefore it need around 20ms to take 340 samples. And for total 12 channels, 340*12=4080, it’s quite near the FIFO size of DAQ6016.


I have tried the method you provided, but the turning point is near 100Hz per channel. It’s unacceptable for our application. So we give up the USB device now and change to PCI one. Hope the interference is not that significant in our remote measurement.


Thanks very much for your help.




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My apologies! I completely missed the "Dev1/ai0:11" part. You are absolutely correct about the timings. I was under the impression that you were only scanning a single channel. A PCI device will not behave in this manner - you should have no problems getting the data in time. If your measurement is far away from your PC (can't be that much farther as the maximum USB cable length is ~5m), you may want to consider some form of signal conditioning. For portable applications, we recommend our SCC modules and accessories. If all you need is an extended shielded cable, We offer our M Series cables and E Series cables in lengths up to 10m. Please let me know if you require any further assistance.

Ryan Verret
Product Marketing Engineer
Signal Generators
National Instruments
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