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Recommended Guidelines Multichannel Analog out DAQmX

I wish to perform Multichannel Analog out DAQmx using PXIe-4322.

I wish to know recommended guidelines for Multichannel Analog Out DAQmx.


I attached simulated  DAQ code 

-for 1 channel 1 sample based   2 Analog out channel as well as

-for N channel 1 sample based   2 Analog out channel.

kindly explore pros and cons for the both codes.


The objective of this question is : 

if I am using N Channel-1 Sample  configuration, when I am writing AO0 channel with new data, why should I write AO1 channel same value  also.



Initially AO 0=1.2V, AO 1=0.7V, array is  writing to their corresponding channel.

later i wish to change AO 0 alone with new value of 1.69V. at that time, Both AO 0= 1.69V and AO1=0.7V are writing.

is that correct/recommended one?

any Task creation will cause any issue?

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Here's some brief notes that come to mind about the tradeoffs:


2 tasks, 1 channel each


  • write to either channel any time without needing to also write to the other


  • can only use software timing for updates
  • cannot update both channels in sync with one another


1 task, 2 channels


  • can generate waveforms with hardware-precise timing
  • both channels can be updated in sync with one another


  • must write data for both channels, even if only 1 is changing



-Kevin P

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