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Reading values of digital lines used to create change detection event

I use the vi given in the link as the basis of my application:


Different than the example above, I want to detect the rising edge of multiple digital lines on 6289 device.

As I don't know which specific digital line created the rising edge event, I want to check the values of digital lines if everyhing is OK.


However, whenever I try to read those digital lines in usual way (creating virtual channel, starting task etc.) I got the error saying these lines are reserved bla bla. I understand that create sample clock source vi also configures those lines so a duplication occurs but I don't how to get it to work?


Any ideas? 



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I was wondering exactly what the error was and if there was an error code. 


Also are you using hyper terminal or any other program that might be using lines on your device?


Thank you!

Karen M
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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