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Reading the same voltage with 2 different devices

Hi I have a pressure transducer that I need to have 2 seperate devices read from continuousely. This is a 0-10V analog output signal. One system will be sampling at around 10Hz the other will sample around 1-10kHz. Both are differential analog inputs.


Will there be issues if I do this?

Will I get inaccurate measurements?

Do the voltage measurement devices affect each others measurements?


Thanks. An explaination either way would be much appreciated.



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You can certainly have two different DAQ devices running at the same time and neither will affect the other. You can also use a single device with the same sample rate. You would just decimate the results from the one you wanted at the lower sample rate.
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This signal is going to two seperate devices so sampling once then pulling out every 100th sample would not work but I understand. So do you see any advantage or disadvantage to converting to 4-20mA and then measure across a precision resistor, besides the obvious of extra hardware and added labor? Thanks.

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Quite frankly, I don't see any point in using two devices or two channels.
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Depending on your hardware and application it could have both advantages and disadvantages. In general, adding more equipment can compound error (such as the error in the precision resistor and/or power supplies). However, for very long wire lengths current can be advantagous.


Some good ref. info on how to decide what is appropriate:


Five Tips to Reduce Measurement Noise


Measuring Current with an Analog Voltage Input


Also whether you have current measurment modules is an important consideration (vs. using a precision resistor).


- FCTesting
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The reason I need to use 2 devices is I need the signal for a PID loop in a VFD (Device #1) and then I am using a PXI (Device #2) to record the pressure at 1kHz.

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