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Reading Pressure Transducers and Controlling Solenoid Valves

Hello NI Community,


I'm new to the group and fairly novice. I have called the NI support line several times and get different answers every time from sales people who don't give me a high level of confidence in their advice, so I've come here to get confirmation.


I am building a test bench that has a pressure transducer and a couple of solenoid valves. Early on, while I was purchasing components, I picked up a NI USB-6000 DAQ thinking it would be a low-cost entry point that would serve my purpose. I have a Omega transducer that outputs 0-5V with loose wire connections. I have an adjustable power supply to provide the excitation voltage. From the research I've done, and according to the NI sales person, I may need a C Series Strain/Bridge Input Module like the NI 9236 to process the signal from the transducer. This module would require a 9162 chassis to output the signal to USB.


I believe I could get the excitation from this module so I wouldn't need an external power supply, which would be great.


I will also need to be able to control my solenoid valves which require 24V. I bought some relays which require a 5V input signal to power the solenoids. My DAQ should be able to output this signal as well as handle the tranducer measurements. 


Is it not possible to do this with the USB-6000 or some other DAQ that is at a lower price point than the 9236? The 9236 and the 9162 together are more than what I was hoping to spend this early on in the project. Could the 9236 read the 0-5V signal from the transducer? The 9236 doesn't have any outputs from what I can tell so I'd be stuck with multiple modules, which doesn't seem efficient. 


Fairly lost here, so I'm hoping somebody can lend a hand!

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