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Reading BPW34 with PCI-6251 and BNC 2110

I am having some troubles reading a BPW34 with a with PCI-6251 and BNC 2110. I connected the diode directly to the BNC board AI0 connector and I am monitoring the signal with LabView. However, the signal is not as smooth as the one I see when I connect the the diode directly to an oscilloscope. How can I improve the reading on the NI board? Should I amplify the photodiode?  

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Hi gibbsphe,


You mentioned BPW34 was directly connected to AI0, which slot did BPW34's negative connected to? Did you select corresponding terminal configuration in "DAQmx create channel"?


I would suggest you choose differential configuration, and AI0/AI8 would be differential +/- inputs (AI1/AI9, AI2/AI10 and so on).



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