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RIO device (PCIe-7841R) as straight DAQ?

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It looks like this has basically been asked and answered but this is a slight variation: is it possible to use a PCIe-7841R with NI-DAQmx solely for analog input and output? Or will this device never, ever be visible to NI-DAQmx (as I suspect).


I have a C++/NI-DAQmx application, and I needed 8 inputs and 8 outputs; I stupidly used the parametric search, picked "At least 8" for each, and selected the first thing that shows. It appears this was a major mistake but I wanted to confirm before I send this back and use a chassis solution. Thanks in advance for any info!

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Nope, that card does not work with DAQmx.  It requires a LabVIEW FPGA to be deployed to it to be of any use.  Even then, the C++ interface is weird (from what I have seen).


I highly recommend giving your local NI rep a call and explain the situation.  They will likely find you a good replacement and swap it out for you.

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Thank you! I'll do just that.

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