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Question about PCI-6713 Analog Output precision improve

I'm using a PCI 6713 board to control a high voltage supplier.


The control ratio is 1V<->1kV, i.e. every 1mV AO Voltage corresponding to 1V high voltage output.


I just found the minimum AO voltage step produced by the board is about 5mV, so I can only change the high voltage by 5V every step. The AO Voltage precision I hope to reach is 1-2mV.


Obviously, it is practically very hard for a 12-bit board. Its specification as described on says Range Accuracy=8.24mV.


Now I'm just trying find a solution without buying a more precise board. I found something may be helpful on the Page 38 of the user manual( saying "Using AO EXT REF to reduce the output voltage range results in a higher resolution at the adjusted range." My understanding is by digitizing in a smaller range, the output resolution can be improved.


PCI 6713 has a output range -10-10V, but all I need is only 0-5V, so I connect a 5V DC signal to the AO EXT REF on the connector box. The VI I used is the DAQmx Create Channel(AO-Voltage-Basic).vi. Using external reference is done by setting the "output terminal configuration" input of the VI as 10200 following the Help file. The AO voltage value I need is written to the channel by using DAQmx Write (Analog DBL 1Chan 1Samp).vi. The external reference signal does limit the output range but not really results a higher resolution, the minimum step of AO voltage is still the same as before.


I didn't find further instructions on using the external reference, so I am not sure if I did it right. Does anybody have idea about how to use the external reference to improve the resolution of this PCI 6713? Or I really need to buy a 16-bits board?

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Hello Jet,

You need to set the AO ref volatge to external using DAQmx Channel property node.





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Thank you very much! Actually, I got it solved exactly the same way as you written!!



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That's always good to hear ! !
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