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Problems in DAQ Acquisition with Occurrences with digital trigger

Hi Guys!


I hope that your Christmas Eve has passed has well has mine.


In a new system that I’m developing, my current acquisition it’s being made by the traditional way, using the digital trigger. But the problem of this it’s the processing time (consumes all the processors resources).


As a solution for this, I’ve introduced the occurrences. That in theory would solve my problem. The first situation it’s that I only can put the system working when I expand the ‘AI’ and put the ‘AI’, together with the ‘AI’ inside a while loop (I don’t know if this is a correct way, but it was the only that I’ve discovered). And this modification will reduce the processing time (but not enough). But the Backlog, from the ‘AI’, it’s 70. That indicates a problem (at least, that’s what I think).


Can anyone see the attached .vi and tell me what it’s wrong?


Best regards,


Paulo Carmo


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Your vi failed to attach

"It’s the questions that drive us.”
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To try to reproduce your problem and so to help you, I need to know what kind of card do you have and what exactly do you want to do with your program?
Benjamin M
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