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Problem with a TPascal program with NI librairies...


I'm a electronician working in a engineering school, and we have a
problem with an acquisition program written with TPascal 6, with NI
librairies to include to the source program. The card used is a
PC-LPM-16 card, in an old PC using DOS (i don't know which version !).
There are no drivers installed, but NI gave us (this was long years ago
i suppose) pascal librairies to include to our sources, and some example
rpogram of data acquisition. We're just trying to use one of this
program, called "DQDBXMPL". When we run the program (the ".exe" !), the
acquisition seems to be weel done, but all datas are saved in a binary
file which i can't open with any program i know. All i can understand in
the so
urce is that 2 functions are used to write/read the data in this
file : there are called "Blockwrite(...) and Blockread(...). I haven't
got the source of the librairies, so i can't know how do these functions
work !

Can somebody help me ?

Thanks from an electronician trying to understand programming science !

Olivier Quillard
Service 3 E / Dépt GEI
135, avenue de Rangueil
31077 TOULOUSE Cedex 4
Tel : / Fax :
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