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Problem with USB-9234


Hi, I have encountered a problem when using the USB-9234 and would appreciate any advise.


basically, there are 4 channels on the USB9234. I created a task for each channel, Say Task A for dev1/ai0, Task B for dev1/ai1 etc..


When I started task A, and immediately followed by task B (before Task A finish acquisition), and error message appears as shown in the attached file.


My question is, can't the USB-9234 acquire signal independently? Or must Task A be completed then task B can start?


Or is it necessary to put all the channels into 1 task? In this case, the different channel must start or stop together and cannot run independently. Is this a limitation of the device?


Thak you for your kind attention.


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Creating a task for every single channel is not possible. This is not only the case with the USB-9234, but with every DAQ board with one timing engine on the board.


Your assumptions/solutions are correct:

You've to stop an AI task on one channel before running an AI task on another channel on the same board or you've to acquire all channels in one task at the same time using the same sample rate (-> only one timing engine)


Is this a limitation of the device? I don't know. Usually this is not a problem but this depends upon your application and your requirements.

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