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Problem with USB 9233 - 50405

Hi Justin,


I am new to Labview - could  I get some example code to do this?


I have an issue with 6009 that always falls over on Windows 7, I have tried reset the ADC using the reset VI but that does not work. However, enabling and disabling it through device manager does.


Many thanks,



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Hi, Is the below part solved?


"5.)  The NI 9172 chassis must be reset immediately upon receiving the -50405 error.  If self-test is called first, the chassis will have to be unplugged and replugged, this is a software bug on our part that has already been identified."

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I have the error on a new USB module that I bought mid-2013, same issue as before. Mine is due to environmental noise - in one case, a motor turning on & off, and in another, proximity to a spark gap.

No other devices are having problems, just the USB. It is very sensitive to noise.

Re-routing cables helps, but nothing seems to cure it, not even the use of cables with embedded ferrites.

If anyone has another idea to try, please post. I am recommending that we look into alternatives for future purchases. This problem is maddening.


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