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Pressure sensor 6250E


I have a Honeywell pressure sensor model TJE that is currently connected to a NI 9237 bridge board. I am having to change equipment to a NI PCI-6250E multifunction DAQ with a SCB-68 terminal block. (The equipment swap is unavoidable because my boss wants the 9237 for another project.) Is it possible to still make this pressure sensor work on the multi-function DAQ without the bridge configuration? I assume that there is a way to do it internally in Labview, possibly by mimicking the bridge configuration, maybe? 


The pressure transducer datasheet is here:


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Depends what you need 😉

The sensor spec say 10V exitation (regulated!) , so I asssume a piezoresistive Bridge that is only specfied at this bridgevoltage. 

The 6250 has a 5V supply pin with 1A rating... and you need 10V ~30mA   so you can use a DC/DC converter (usually noisy!)  5VDC-to-15VDC and add a 10V linear regulator plus some C to filter..

If you have long cables and want to use a 6 wire bridge measurement with active 10V feedback control at least one OP is needed... but I think just monitoring the bridge voltage is fine.


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